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This is the first food picture in ShiJiazhuang

Guo Kui

Guo Kui is a kind of meatloaf, which is made by
deep frying. When making the dough, the chef will roll the minced meat into the dough and then flatten
it. This kind of meatloaf will have many layers.

This is the second food picture in ShiJiazhuang

Bunch of incense

Bunch of incense is very similar to hot pot, they
all use a pot to cook the ingredients. But the
difference is that in this way of eating, the ingredients are skewered on bamboo skewers,
and after being rinsed, they are eaten
with sesame sauce or sesame oil.

This is the first food picture in ChangSha

Stinky Tofu

When you come to Changsha, you must taste the stinky tofu. This is an amazing food. It smells
bad, but it tastes very good. This is a kind of
food with a very long history.

This is the second food picture in ChangSha

Pepper Fish Head

Changsha is famous for his spicy food. The most classic dish is chopped pepper fish head. The
huge fish head is dissatisfied with chili, and the meat is very delicious.

This is the first food picture in GuangZhou

Steamed Vermicelli

We continued to go south and we came to
Guangzhou. If you want to talk about the specialty
food of Guangzhou, the first is rice rolls.
People who don't know can't imagine that
this is made of rice.

This is the second food picture in GuangZhou

Boat Congee

The second representative food is Ting Zai porridge.
It can also be called seafood porridge,
but the shrimp will also contain minced meat and fried dough sticks, which is very delicious.

This is the first food picture in WuHan

Noodles with Sesame Paste

After enjoying the southern scenery, we returned
to the central Wuhan. The No. 1 delicacy in
Wuhan is hot dry noodles. Alkaline noodles with sesame sauce and capers, you will remember it
for a lifetime if you eat it once!

This is the second food picture in WuHan

Fresh Bean Curd

The second major delicacy is Sanxian Bean Curd.
Tofu skin is sandwiched with glutinous rice and
minced meat and fried until it is made. As the end of this food tour, it couldn't be more appropriate.

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